Roulette – This Isn’t The Lottery

For the bottom of the barrel basics, take a look at this video:

Roulette is pretty much straight forward.  You play something and if the ball lands on that number, or within the number set you placed your bet, you win.

As mentioned in the video, you have more flexibility than the lottery, however the more chips you have on the table, the more likely you will lose it.  Think of it as in the movie Highlander (“there can only be one”).

There are strategies to roulette, and everyone will give you their point of view.  As for mine, pay attention to what numbers hit regularly.  On many occasions, there will be certain numbers that re-occur throughout a dealer’s shift.

Another way to play is to never play on the grid more than you can potentially win.  If, like me, enjoy playing corners, then you don’t want to play more than 7 chips at a time (since your potential win will be 8 chips).  You also don’t want to make the same kind of bets either, such as all line bets, or all “to the number” bets.  Just like every game that’s played against the house, your intention is to play the house’s money, not yours, and leave ahead of the game.  Roulette is all about numbers, not only on the board, but the amount you play.  The more money you play, the less your overall return.  Move the odds in your favor.