Table Etiquette – If You Don’t Know How to Play, Don’t Be The Anchor

Blackjack-ccThis table etiquette tip should keep you partially out of harms way at a blackjack table…

…unless you insist on playing bad hand strategy, then I can’t help you.

The anchor is the last person dealt from the blackjack shoe before the dealer deals their own cards.  In a full table, it’s position 7, which is by the right hand of the dealer.  The reason why this is such a special position is because it becomes your job to fix the choices of all other players prior to you who may have screwed up play to salvage the table.  (It’s an ugly job, but somebody’s got to do it).

Let me explain.

If a dealer is showing a 6 and folks with 10 points or higher insist on taking a card, it becomes the anchor’s job to either take or not take cards to increase the chances that the dealer busts out.  Most folks have the skill to pull this out, beginners are just asking for a beat down if they take that spot and play on instinct. (evident by the dirty looks you’ll get around the table)  Blackjack is a cooperative game in this way.  Just because one person wins a hand does not stop anybody else at that table to win either.  It’s the job of all the players to put the dealer in the best position to lose, thereby ensuring everyone gets paid, otherwise, you might as well just go to a dollar minimum table where everyone is playing by intuition and not by skill.  You lose you money a lot faster that way.

In short, if you aren’t well versed in blackjack strategy, stay out of the last position, unless you want that Asian granny to your right to give you the ass whoopin’ of your life (while carrying her legit COACH leather handbag – I’m allowed, I’m Asian).